“The Twenty-sixth Path is called the Renovating Intelligence, because the Holy God (blessed be He) renews by it, all the changing things which are renewed by the creation of the world.” – W. Wynn Westcott, Sepher Yetzirah

The first thing that happens to me when I take time to retreat and work on projects is narcolepsy. I nap frequently, and then spend a little time beating myself up for lack of productivity.

Those of you who know me know that I have compulsive work tendencies. When I’m focused on a project, or more accurately, on an aspect of a project, the project drives me. This takes the form of 72 hour stints cutting a film trailer, 14 hour sessions working on software projects or week long periods working on a painting in a studio.

Compulsive, driven patterns like that can’t be sustained without periods of rest and rejuvenation. During periods of intense focused creativity, I keep as much fuel nearby as possible. The PiMag™ water and nutritionals from Nikken are essential, and almost automatic for me now. After a bout of intense creativity, though, my body pretty much shuts down and goes through a rejuvenation cycle. Knowing the necessity of rejuvenation mitigates the intensity of self-flagellation during the periods when I sleep more than usual.

The Renovating Intelligence is represented in the Tarot deck by the Trump Card known as “The Devil.” The path leads from Hod, a state of development characterized by rational patterns, to Tiphareth, the sphere of fifth circuit bliss consciousness. The Devil is a pretty scary image. It clearly represents the lens through which a concrete rationalist views fifth circuit adepts — with fear.

The Devil represents the natural unconscious patterns of rejuvenation in the body. Rejuvenation is triggered by the brain entering into very slow delta wave patterns. Delta sleep triggers toxin flushes in the liver, the release of the anti-stress hormone DHEA, and restructuring processes such as calcium replenishment in the bones. 

The Renovating Intelligence is unconscious, which is why a Concrete Rationalist views it with fear. Concrete Rationalists are often conciousness control freaks, locked into the beta-wavelength or “awake” state. Descending into deep delta-wave brain activity, or “dreamless sleep,” requires a complete release of the conscious state. This is worse than death to a concrete rationalist — it is Hell. 

The Devil card is dominated by an inverted pentagram, a symbol that strikes fear in many. It’s no secret that the Pentagram is a symbol of the 5 elements — Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit. An inverted pentagram is seen as evil because it represents the four elements of Matter taking precedence over Spirit.

The interaction of material elements is the dynamic that creates and rejuvenates physical bodies. Equilibrium is automatically achieved when you let go of control and allow the elements and their own simple intelligences to interact. DHEA destroys cortisol, eliminating prolonged toxic exposure. Bones replenish depleted calcium. The liver releases the toxins it has filtered out of the bloodstream. The body is already built to rejuvenate itself. Matter taking precedence over Spirit has a place in the grand pattern of Life. Without it our bodies would not last very long.

~ by Jonathan Pierce on April 19, 2009.

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