Book or no book?

I’ve had a few emails from people asking if there was a book planned to accompany the publication of the Ra Horakhty Tarot. It’s a good question, and the answer at this time is no.

The Golden Dawn approach to Tarot is encyclopaedic. Book “T” was originally not released until the Adeptus Minor grade(s) after a student had been thoroughly versed in several different symbol systems. At the simplest stage the Tarot synthesizes the symbols and energies from Kabbalah, Geomancy, Astrology and the Classic Elements. Each of these independent subjects of study are worthy of years of study. A casual Kabbalistic student may remark, “Okay, I get it. So the trumps represent the 22 paths on the Tree of Life, and the Minor Arcana draw from the 10 Sephiroth.” Such a statement would be the tip of the Kabbalistic iceberg.

Pat and Chris Zalewski published the monumental volume “The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn.” This is a very comprehensive volume that includes scholarly dissertations on the synthesis of the varying symbol systems in the Golden Dawn approach to Tarot. It is over 600 pages in length. I saw the original manuscript in the early ’90s — it was pushing 1200 pages and Pat’s agent at that time was of the mind to split the manuscript into two books in order to properly address the subject. Pat has mentioned on the GD forums that the GD Tarot is one area of study that is in need of expansion.

I have no desire to bore anyone, including myself, by adding another volume to people’s libraries that is merely another rehashed collection of existing published knowledge on Tarot. The Tarot is so much more than a psychic file drawer of associations — it is a living, breathing, interactive system that needs to be experienced not memorized.

In the spirit of interactivity, rather than write a book about the Ra Horakhty Tarot, after the publication of the deck I will be offering interactive online classes on the five pillars of knowledge as they relate to the Ra Horakhty Tarot and the Golden Dawn approach to Tarot.




~ by Jonathan Pierce on July 22, 2009.

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