Flashing Colors and the Digital Medium

I painted the Ra Horakhty Tarot using Liquitex acrylics back in 1995, and even though the originals were stored in an area away from the damaging effects of sunlight, there was considerable fading, most notably in the blue spectrum of colors. This poses a bit of a problem when you’re dealing with a Golden Dawn style of tarot.

The Golden Dawn style of coloring a deck uses a technique called “Flashing Colors.”  Flashing Colors create an optical effect — they sort of vibrate or float when placed next to each other. Flashing colors are direct compliments of each other, which means they are chosen from opposite sides of the color wheel or the color cube; such as Blue and Orange, Red and Green or Yellow and Violet. When the colors are really flashing well people often experience a physiological response like nausea or vertigo. Complimentary colors have a direct effect on the brain similar to the effect of binaural beats in sound waves. Esoterically, the concept of Flashing Colors has to do with attracting certain energies. Complimentary colors represent the polar opposites of the same energy signature. For instance if Orange represents the Passive energy of the esoteric planet Mercury, then Blue represents the Active energy of Mercury. By using the two colors at the same time an Adept unites the Active and Passive qualities of Mercury.

The fading of the colors in the Tarot deck directly affected the way some of the cards Flash. Fortunately I’ve spent gobs of time during the last decade developing skills in digital art, and I’m able to correct the colors for the initial publication of the deck.


~ by Jonathan Pierce on August 2, 2009.

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