Somewhere that’s Green…

“Every 300 sheets of paper costs us a tree.”

I received an email from a colleague with the quote cited above. It made me think a little bit about publishing a physical deck of cards. Creating thousands of copies of a Tarot deck at at time when the word “Green” carries so many layers of environmental subtext could be seen as hypocritical as a vegan banging on a goatskin drum. I’m glad that I did my research before hand.

The Ra Horakhty Tarot will be printed on Casino Grade cardstock — I chose this for several reasons: 1) It sounds really cool and professional, 2) It is known for durability and quality, and 3) it’s made out of cotton.

Years in the limited edition art world conditioned me to pick cotton stock for printing this deck. Cotton is acid-free – this means that the cards will not deteriorate over time. Much better for the consumer, and much better for the trees.

The other decision that has a direct relationship to saving a tree was the decision to not include a booklet with the deck. You will be able to view the card descriptions and the reading layouts here in the blog. A pdf version will be available for download from the website. One thing though – if you decide to print the booklet, please use recycled paper.


~ by Jonathan Pierce on August 2, 2009.

One Response to “Somewhere that’s Green…”

  1. I did not realize that Casino Grade stock was made out of cotton; learn something new everyday.

    As for the booklet, I do not remember the last booklet I actually read. I believe that only beginners are the only ones that read them (I quit reading them once I could remember what the cards represented).

    And PDFs are definitely more envirnomentally friendly; they are made with recycled pixels as a friend of mine says.

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