The Keys to Everything

In a previous post I mentioned that there would be no booklet to accompany the Ra Horakhty Tarot, and that this blog would have all the information about the cards and layouts that are traditionally in a booklet.

A problem came up right from the get-go: organizing the data.

The other day I put together a great article on Key 13 – the Trump card known as “Death.” After setting it up on its own page under the Major Arcana I happily went on my way writing, researching, drinking coffee, only to find a couple days later that by setting it up in the “Pages” section of this blog, it didn’t register in the blogroll.

So, here’s the plan: each card that is written up will be posted, and the post will be added to the “Pages” section of the blog for easy reference. Hopefully that will help.

Oh, and I reposted the writeup on “Death” to the actual blogroll so that it will burn out to the feeds.


~ by Jonathan Pierce on August 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Keys to Everything”

  1. Tricky things, computers are.

  2. That they can be.

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